Luke Vo

full-stack web and system developer

Innovative, flexible, strive for optimal solution

Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam Open to Relocation

  • Authored 25+ code libraries, automation scripts and templates that reduce manual works.
  • Very flexible and adaptive. Expertise includes system administration, having optimized a system that saved a client $1,500+ per month.
  • Excellent problem-solving and programming mindset, having been on Contributors list of 2 big active Github Repositories, one of which is used by 10M+ users.
  • Upwork profile : 7 out of 9 feedbacks ranked 5 .

Super fast work.
Effective and completed the project in less time then expected.

Excellent communication skills [...] After the code review, our lead developer said "The code is nice and simple as well. Iā€™m impressed."

I could not recommend him enough. Hired him the night before - had it done by the time I was at work the next morning. Quickly fixed a bug during the review process on the spot [...]



These are skills that I have used in production apps and solutions

  • Microsoft .NET Core and .NET Framework technologies

    • ASP.NET (MVC, Web API, Core) and Blazor for web-related products.

    • Console, WinForm and WPF (on both .NET Framework and .NET Core) for Windows desktop applications and services.

    • XAML/UWP for Windows Store/Universal/Metro applications.

    • Supported tools for productivity: Nuget, T4 Templating, Template Scaffolding

    • Win32 API and COM interop for Microsoft Office related applications.

  • Web and Browser technologies

    • HTML5, CSS and Javascript for browser applications and extensions.

    • TypeScript, ES6 and SCSS for bigger front-end projects.

    • WebSocket for realtime communication, mostly through Microsoft SignalR.

    • IndexedDB for database-based client-side application.

    • Canvas and WebGL (through high-level libraries only) for graphics operations.

    • Worked with Google APIs (OAuth, GSuite, Drive), Twilio (SMS, Fax), payment providers (PayPal, Stripe, ClickBank) and many other REST API providers.

  • Database technologies: SQL Server, SQLite and MySQL

    • Design, optimize and manage databases, indexes and queries.

    • Usually work with ORM frameworks like Entity Framework and EF Core.

  • Cloud, Server and DevOps solutions

    • Have solutions on both Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, protected by Cloudflare.

    • Nuget distribution and CI/CD through Azure DevOps.

    • PowerShell Scripting, IIS and other Windows Server management technologies.

  • Other software-related and soft skills

    • Version Control: SVN (no longer used) and Git on GitHub, BitBucket and Azure DevOps/Microsoft TFS.

    • DDD, TDD, DI/IoC and CI/CD approach.

    • Mentoring for teammates and newcomers.

    • English: CEFR C1 (Effective operational proficiency) user given by a 7.5 British Council IELTS test. Native Vietnamese speaker.


Skills I have spent considerable time on but did not have a chance for production use

  • DevOps-related technologies: Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Micro-service approach.
  • NoSQL DBMS and cache: MongoDB and Redis.
  • Python programming with Django.
  • LUA programming (mostly for game modding and developing).

Some of above skills are demonstrated in the tools and showcase items in Showcase section.

Some of above skills are demonstrated in the tools and showcase items in Showcase section of the resume's online version.


Dec 2015 - Present

Freelance Software Engineer


100% of my 16 contracts extremely satisfied my clients. 7 out of 9 given feedbacks ranked 5 . Had 3 long-time re-hire after the initial projects, one of which I have been working for for 3 years.

  • Work on multiple Microsoft-stack technologies: .NET Framework, .NET Core, Windows Server/IIS, Office Integration (Excel Interop).
  • Work as System Administrator: Manage virtual machines and related resources on Azure and AWS, can work comfortably with PowerShell, Windows Server and IIS configuration.
  • Greatly improve knowledge about HTTP, WebSocket and popular Web infrastructure: RESTful API, OAuth2, OpenId, Microsoft SignalR. Deployed an API using IdentityServer4.
  • Unit Testing using MSTest and xUnit. Can also work with Selenium for browser testing and automation.
  • Improve skills by contributing to open-source projects: RestSharp, ShopifySharp, Windows Insider, Visual Studio and Visual Code development.
  • Study and setup a CI/CD flow using Azure DevOps. Learn some experience on Docker development.
August 2014 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

Wisky Solution CO., LTD

Work as a technical advisor and help improve productivity and technology innovation.

  • Work as Technical Evangelist: mentor and train developers and newcomers.
  • Implemented with a Repository Pattern framework.
  • Improved company's workflow using Git and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.
  • Experienced with lower layer of ASP.NET MVC: Custom Routing and Identity (for multi-tenant), Dependency Injection and Filters, T4 template (for auto-generating model files).
  • Not actively working anymore but is retained as company's CTO, providing advisory support.
August 2014 - Present
June 2013 - April 2014

Worked as a full-stack developer for a manufacturing company.

  • Maintained and improved SEO for legacy website (written in 2003 using ASP Web Form)
  • Worked with front-end development: HTML5, CSS3 (was new at the time)
  • Made automation scripts using Windows Form that integrated with Microsoft Office (Word and Excel Interop)
2010 - April 2013

Game Developer


This is my first jump from programming hobbyist into career. This work helped me understand how the systems (both hardware and software) work together.

  • Worked with teammates in other roles including Game Designer and Graphics Designer.
  • Studied the first OOP and Software Architecture concepts with AndEngine (a popular Android game engine at the time) that served better for my later system design jobs.
  • Worked as Technical Leader, helped other developers to solve logic problems, trained newcomers and optimized the code base.
2010 - April 2013

Certifications and Educations

MCSD: App Builder

Certified January 2019

  • Passed Exam 483: Programming in C# (November 2015)
  • Passed Exam 486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications (April 2016)
  • Passed Exam 487: Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services (January 2019)

FPT University

Software Engineer

During my degree, my jobs helped my study a lot and vice-versa.

  • GPA: 7.55/10
  • C# and .NET: 9.0
  • Data Structure & Algorithm: 9.2
  • Mobile Programming: 9.4

  • Made an e-commerce website that later evolves into the framework used by a company.
  • Involved in training the juniors in Introductory subjects.
  • Made an online interactive game for graduation project that involve real-time and then-new WebSocket protocol.